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Uncomb Hair and Flab

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When you become a mom, sometimes self-consciousness disappears. We tend to forget to take care of ourselves as we go about our day. We take care of our hubby, our children, our relatives, our friends and even our blogs! And one day, when you wake-up, you see yourself in front of the mirror with an uncombed hair and flab in your body. Then you say this famous expression: “What happened to me?”Hehehe…Nothing really happened, you are still you but the problem is…you forgotten about yourself! Anyway, when you are in that stage already, don’t forget that it is not yet too late. There is still hope.

Really? Yes, there is! Of course, you get a comb (that would take care of your hair!). What about the flab? That takes a lot of time to get rid of. I hear agonizing stories of slimming down but that was before. There are several options already that have been discovered by science to help get rid of excess fats. Exercise and diet of course is the number one effective solution but it takes time. So, most dietician advice to take alternative dieting solutions coupled with exercise sessions to hasten the slimming process. Some to these proven alternatives are meal replacements and diet pills. But, a word of caution, you still need to make sure that aside from its effectiveness, it should not be harmful to your health. Many diet pills and slimming alternatives have gone out which are not that safe today. As I always say, better safe than sorry.

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