Understanding Children


Having three children is like having to buy each one something. If you buy one pair of pf flyers shoes for my boy, then make sure you buy one for my eldest daughter or something equivalent that she likes. We are like this since time immemorial. That is why I decided to change this kind of behavior since this makes my wallet poor to the absolute!!

Then, I explained to my children that I don’t have to the money to buy the things they want at the same time. I said each one is entitled to want they need or want to buy when it’s their birthday. The only time we can buy them things together is during Christmas or we have enough money. So far, it worked fine with them. So when I buy a rubber shoes for my eldest because she needed it, my son would ask for one but not necessarily immediately. He would want to have one when it’s time to buy one like his rubber shoes is already torn.

Thank God my children understand. I glad they were able to understand that my wallet is not bottomless!

Lifestyle Mommy Blogger and Virtual Assistant from Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines. Aside from doing product reviews and events coverage, she blogs about solo parenting, homeschooling, and things in between.

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