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Understanding Metaphors

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When observing existence, many comparisons become apparent. However, some of these comparisons may appear unlikely depending on the recipients. A metaphor is an example of two things that would not usually exist alongside one another. The easiest way to think of metaphors is to view prior cases. When someone says that ‘life is a highway’ they do not mean that life is a highway. Life is an adventure where you travel until the inevitable end. Along the way, there are many sights to see and things to experience. With this said, life is something intangible and experienced. Since this is the case, it is unlikely that each highway in existence represents a unique life. Metaphors are used to describe many ordinary happenings in life.

Describing Time

Time is a malleable concept, and people use metaphors to describe how people use it. For example, someone may have told you that you are an early bird. If you are reading this piece, it is highly unlikely that you are a bird. However, if you are seeing this content early in the morning, you are likely to be described as an early bird. Conversely, you would be a night owl if you are viewing this content late at night. Since you can hear an owl’s presence at night, people that stay up late receive the name ‘night owl.’ These examples compare two unlikely things but provide meaning through continued use.

Comparing Metaphors and Similies

Metaphors and similies both compare two unlikely things with each other. Though, similies differ because of the use of ‘like’ and ‘as.’ Similies are easier to use because they provide writers with a bridge to connect two things. The phrase ‘life is like a box of chocolates’ is much easier to think of as opposed to ‘life is a highway.’ You are most likely familiar with opening a box of chocolates and not knowing what to expect. The former is commonly associated with life and how unpredictable it can be. It is likely that you have been on a highway before, but this does not mean the association between life and a highway is readily apparent.

Writing Metaphors

When writing an elaborate metaphor, many experts suggest that you experience a wide variety of things. Making unlikely comparisons involves living in an unorthodox manner. If you are sticking to a routine that is not diverse in activity, it may be difficult to think of interesting metaphors. Nevertheless, breaking your routine behavior and stepping outside of your comfort zone will create new connections. Poets and lyricists exemplify individuals who form metaphors sharper than Viking helmets. Thinking of metaphors and other forms of figurative language will keep your mind engaged in other areas of life too.

Metaphors are birds. They frequently fly over people’s heads and are extremely difficult to catch. Metaphors equate to broken glasses. If you are not attentive, they can slip right through your fingers. Creating metaphors is an amusing exercise of creativity and may help shake off writer’s block. If you have not already tried, think of metaphors to share with others.

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Urvi May 18, 2019 - 1:27 pm

Wow I have never thought to use metaphors in my writing. Thanks for sharing. I love how you explained it in easy manner.


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