Underwent Marital Counseling


My hubby and I had counseling earlier with our church pastor. It went well since there was an interaction between the three of us. Then a little later, after breaking the ice, our pastor slowly told my husband about the things that made him a bad example for our children. I was quite impressed since my husband admitted immediately that he was wrong. Then later, the ambiance was serious already and that the laughing was gone.

Since my hubby is always a clown, in the midst of the seriousness of the discussion, he was able to pull-up a joke! He said that he needed a diversion from his drinking problem so I should buy him weights. He wanted to buy weights since earlier this year because he wanted to exercise from home. The only problem was we didn’t have the budget for it. I even tried asking him to take diet pills as an alternative since they are cheaper by the bottle. He wouldn’t budge, and then I asked him to read some articles made by others who have tried just like the ones from Lipofuze reviews. But still it was no avail because he wanted the weights and not pills!

Anyway, the counseling went well and it ended smoothly. My husband and I were not able to talk after because I immediately left for a blogger’s meet-up around 5pm.

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