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Underworld Movie Marathon

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After watching Underworld 3, I had this infatuation of watching the earlier sequel again. So last night, my husband and I together with our baby boy, we had a fun time doing an Underworld Movie Marathon. But since the second one was not yet finished around 1:30 am, my husband decided that we should sleep and continue it tonight.

Underworld Trilogy

As I watched Underworld 1, I told my husband that even Hollywood make mistakes. If you look closely at the hallucinations (memories that flashes) Michael Corvin had after being bitten by Lucian, Sonja was blonde and she screamed when she was burnt alive. But in Underworld 3, Sonja has black hair and didn’t even scream when she was hit by sunlight since she depicted a brave warrior. Funny right?!

Anyway, I am looking forward to watch Underworld 2 again tonight. I am in the mood for noticing mistakes. Hehehe… joke! Just wanna refresh my memories on the Underworld Trilogy.

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