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Unhealthy Lifestyle

Yesterday afternoon, I felt asleep. I woke up around 9:00PM and went chasing for a few bucks immediately. Then around 3:00am today, I went back to bed. Now, I am awake again. And guess what?! I just remembered that I wasn’t able to eat dinner!! No wonder I felt disoriented and grouchy.

Anyway, I was already awake about an hour ago but I went back to sleep back again. I felt that my eyes were about to drop from its sockets and also hungry at the same time. I am pretty much aware that I am living an unhealthy lifestyle that is why I am really want to plan something healthy and smart. I am now taking vitamins and I am planning to pursue my desire to attend a gym session. I really hope I could find a class that would suit me soon. Healthy lifestyle is a matter of choice for me right now.

2 thoughts on “Unhealthy Lifestyle

  1. I think almost all Filipino bloggers share the same unhealthy lifestyle maybe because we tend to make this as a career and of course due to difference in time stamp that we need to stay up late and wait for the opps. hehehe

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