Up Your Saving Game with These 3 Tools


If you’re a saver, you know that no matter how inconsequential the amount may seem, money, time and resources are always worth saving. And whether it’s a business or a household you’re running, cost efficiency can help you go a long way. Such being the case, here are three online tools that can help you save more:


In most businesses these days, technology is defining the rules of the efficiency game. With the use of modern tools like intranets and CRMs, companies are ensured their most treasured possessions – their employees – are engaged, kept up to date, empowered and allowed the flexibility they deserve. Problem with these tools, they can be pricey, leaving the small businessman and the financially-challenged bootstrapper sitting on the sidelines. is a free corporate intranet solution that comes with a free and fully functional CRM, free real-time streaming, free messaging system, free calendar and activity planner, free photo uploading and sharing, free sales funnel, and it’s absolutely free for small businesses with just about 12 employees. Plus, is cloud-based, meaning, no installation is warranted. It can also be accessed anywhere – via a web browser or a smartphone. For unlimited number of users, upgrade costs just about $99 per month.


With the advent of low-cost carriers and online ticketing outlets, air travel has become dramatically cheaper. But competition among these carriers is now so intense that a lot of them have chosen to confine their best and cheapest deals into their own corporate websites or partner third-party sites, instead of publishing them on price-comparison websites where they can potentially lose customers to competing airlines. In effect, the end consumer would have to spend time and effort hopping from airline site to flight site to find the airfare deal that suits him best. is a search engine that systematically searches through 728 individual airline sites and hundreds of flight and ticketing sites for the best and cheapest airfare deals out there, and makes the data available in a single portal for public utilization, radically cutting down on the time and effort it takes for a consumer to find the most economically attractive airfare offer. is out to become the household name for the best and cheapest airfare offers in the market.


Nowadays, finding a name for your business is easier said than done. The name you choose for your business entails branding and advertising implications, which, therefore, calls for careful consideration. If you’re born without a knack for unique and catchy names, branding agencies are a gem, but they can cost a fortune, too. is an online naming service that taps into the power of crowdsourcing for catchy, unique, relevant and easy-to-remember names. has been in business since 2007 and has a strong pool of over 50,000 registered contributors from all walks of life. To avail of the service, simply register as a client, pay $50 for a name or domain ($75 for a slogan) and specify your naming parameters. These will be taken by contributors into consideration when they send out suggestions. And if none of the suggestions suits your taste, you’re entitled to a refund, something that makes this service totally risk-free.

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