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Updates from Few Days Ago

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One of my resolutions for this year is to blog as frequently as I could because I don’t want precious memories and noteworthy topics go to waste. I won’t allow my brain bury them deep until I forget about it.

Anyway, the reasons why I was not able to blog for the past few days can be summarized in two words NSO (as if this is a word) and REFORMAT! Last Monday, I went to NSO (National Statistic Office – Bacolod Office) to get a SECPA copy of my son’s birth certificate. He needs it for his early enrollment to Grade One (actually, he is already late because he suffered HFMD a few days ago). I spent practically the whole day there waiting in line. When Tuesday came, our church pastor came to our house. He helped me reformat my hard disk drive because of the viruses, adware, and malwares that infested my two years and two month old personal computer which of course took forever! After reformatting and installing an operating system, we needed to install new antivirus software and scan my backup files from the remains of my PC’s infestation. The scanning took about forever and ended around eight in the evening. After which, I also started downloading and scanning my essential Firefox add-ons to make my internet browsing worth it.

Now, I haven’t finished installing the add-ons I wanted and also some programs. I will try to finish them as times passes. Aside from that, I still need to recover some of my usernames and passwords for my blogs, company logins, cpanels and emails. I wasn’t able to make a backup for them only the bookmarks and some files. For short, I am so dead meat! Hehehe…

Oh well, as they say, look at things positively. At least now, I am using my PC problem free and will now be able to start listing my usernames and passwords as a backup in hardcopy. Happy new life to my PC!! 😉

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