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Updates on My Blog’s Worth and Juice


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Last time, I did a post regarding the increase of my blog’s worth and juice. So, I kinda like the idea of making more updates on this to track my blog’s progress in term of links and Alexa Rankings. I think this is another reason to be happy with my blog :~ !

Below is my previous blog’s worth and juice:

If you noticed, I also included my Alexa Rankings because I am already below 1 million – meaning my traffic is improving in terms of Alexa Toolbar users. Before, it started about 8,000,000 plus and now it’s already 500,000.

Now, here is my new blog’s worth and juice:

My blog is worth $265,333.80.
How much is your blog worth?

My Blog Juice

If you want to have your own, click on the new data and it will lead you to the website where I have gotten these measuring tools.


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Carolyn March 14, 2008 - 6:13 pm Reply
Noemi "Mica" Watson March 15, 2008 - 6:14 am

that’s cool u monitor ur rank


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