Updates on PTL Project – 01

Hello guys!! I am just doing an update on PMO’s latest blog project – PEXLINKS TRIPLE LOVE. In case you haven’t heard about it, please click the link or the big banner above.

Here are the latest participants so far:

A Girl For All Status
A Mother’s Journal
Just Life
Pinaymama’s Diary
Simple Life, Simply Me
Stay at Home Mom & Military Wife
Above is a screen shot of my Bloglines account, I already have subscribed to their feeds. Aside from that, I already have faved their blogs.

I am just waiting for their blog post entry so that I could give them their FREE 50 entrecard credits.

So if you’re interested to join the bandwagon to have more friends, get faved and get readers for your blog, then come and join us! Join PEXLINKS TRIPLE LOVE PROJECT!!

Pinaymama’s Diary – CLICK HERE.
Mother’s Journal – CLICK HERE.
Just Life – CLICK HERE.
Simply Life. Simply Me – CLICK HERE.

P.S. Guys, don’t forget to fave and subscribe to my blogs: PMO and MOMEMO. Thanks!!

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4 thoughts on “Updates on PTL Project – 01

  1. Hi Mommy Ruby, thanks sa posts hhehehe…oo nga, I’m almost done na I just subscribed to bloglines kaya eto i have to add all my blogs to bloglines. Na faved ko na lahat ng blogs mo as well as those other blogger who joined recently….stil updating here…:)

  2. Hi Mommy ruby, just emila me each 50 credits on each of this email add:


  3. I was able to enter my tecnhorati account and faved you guys..and subscribed too , to your RSS. Count me in, Thanks.

  4. Hmmm…

    I’d like to join also but it seems, for the moment, all the participants are mommies. I’m kinda feeling OP so I guess I’ll check out later if there will be others who’ll join. 🙂 Thanks for the invitation by the way.

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