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I have been working ever since I got married. I was not able to become an expert on household chores even before I was single (I am the daugther who excels in other things but not at home). So, all I could ever do was run a company for others but couldn’t do household chores. Well, I know a lot (cook, clean, wash clothes in the washing machine, take care of the children, etc.) and I can do it neatly but I am not a great cook (sometimes it is too much salty or soar) and I could not wash the clothes without spoiling my hands (I am allergic with laundry soap) and definitely, I can’t manage myself doing everything from home chores. Most of the time, I prioritize my children. Bathing them, cooking for them and feeding them. But when it comes our house, it usually ends this way either my house is a mess or it’s me. And usually, I end to mess both. LOL!!! Anyway, I am struggling and I want to excel in becoming an Expert Mommy and Wife. I could not do this overnight but I know I can. But there was a little help that has been shed to me. Since, my hubby saw that I was getting sick lately because of my body adjusting to everything. He agreed to get a house help to assist me with some household chores. Well, even though we have help around. I still do the viand cooking and home management. My husband was able to agree on this because he saw that I was really earning from blogging too. He wants me to continue this and supports me with my work at home endeavors. He knows I really wanted to stay with kids. After all, I was able to earn about 7000 pesos plus from blogging last month. Well, I am grateful for the help that came my way and the earnings I got from blogging. Though, I got sick and was not able to be online that much as before. I am still grateful!

In another side, I was really happy with my new found hobby – digital scrap booking. Before, I really wanted to do scrap booking but it was a very expensive hobby for me finding all those cute and nice embellishments. So now, I found a cheaper way to do creative crafts through digital scrap booking. I don’t usually get my pictures printed, so I just store them on my PC and then utilize digital freebies from other scrap booking websites that are very kind to share them to people like me and tadah! – I get beautiful graphics from my pics.

Last night, I was not able to sleep. I don’t know why but I didn’t do anything much online. All I did was look and look and look. I didn’t even surfed my PTC programs. To cut things short, I slept around 7:00a.m. But before I slept, my friend Nelle gave me a chicklet. Since I was not familiar with names on graphical items, I told her that I am going to check-out what that chicklet is all about. I told her…maybe she is giving me a bubble gum online. Hehehehe… Anyway, she gave me a little cute image of my online name that can be used to link up to other blogs. It’s really cute and the colors she used was the one I really asked her for my future header (pink and black). Here it is: Photobucket . Isn’t is cute? Thank you very much Nelle. Your such a kind friend. Thanks!!

OK….what next? My Alexa Rankings started about 4,000,000 and now if you have noticed it is already 469,000 something. Did you know that these figures where changed in actually 4 weeks or approximately 1 month?? What is my secret? Simple, I just joined WJOB. It’s an auto surf program that lets you surf other sites in exchange for credits for your blog’s advertising too! You get hits when your blog is being visited by others. So, if you want to get free hits in your blog (aside from other advertising tool you utilize), why not join WJOB today and get those Alexa Rankings drop to the top!!

Hmmm…I remember also. I was also hanging around Blog Catalog last night and late today. I am very active in adding friends and joining other people’s neighborhoods. By the way, I started some group discussions in few of the groups I joined. I have one topic on technorati fave exchange. You have my blog faved and I fave yours. I also have one topic on ultimate bayanihan exchange (technorati, blog catalog add, blog exchange links) for fellow pinoys and one ultimate exchange links for people who wants to participate worldwide. Technorati and blog catalog gives credit for your efforts by giving you ranks in their own ways….and besides the rank, I am after for more friends that will become my regular readers and me to them too. But…I am still after PR. I don’t deny it. He he he….

Anyway, those are the updates that I could remember for now. I am a bit sleepy while writing this. But i would love to talk about anything that comes to mind. Besides, this is a blog with no hesitation. Ha ha ha…


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Hailey's Beats and Bits March 29, 2008 - 7:25 pm

hi. thanks for these updates. i just realized, we have some things in common. but despite degree from U.P. and all, i would rather be tending to my family’s needs than climbing the corporate ladder, which my 7 other siblings who are also from U.P., find very, very weird if not too low-key! LOL!!!!

Hailey's Beats and Bits March 29, 2008 - 8:44 pm Reply
nelle March 31, 2008 - 6:43 am

this is super duper as in long update! haha

well im glad you like the chicklet!
btw, I already added your other blog. 🙂

Pinay WAHM March 31, 2008 - 6:51 am

Yeah! Spoken and written like true WAHM!!! I couldn’t be any happier for you.

Just so you know, you’re not alone in the cooking thing. I tend to over spice the food so I try to stay with simple recipes….no more than 5 ingredients. If you have not tried it, try using a slow cooker or what they call ‘crock pot’. Don’t worry nothing to do with the infamous drug – crack – hahaha. You can find a lot of recipes online. The good thing about this you can put the food in it overnight and wake with your ulam for lunch or dinner.

Anyway, salamat sa dalaw. It’s really good to know that you’re thriving. I can still remember the first day of your being a WAHM…you woke up late with a not so happy hubby…haha. Hey, that’s what we call ‘baptism of fire’…

Take care and more power…


jen March 31, 2008 - 7:23 am Reply

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