Uploading a Video can Cause Wrinkles!

I never thought uploading a simple video that’s practically short can cause wrinkles! You see, I needed to upload a video on one of my blogs earlier today. Unfortunately, hours passed by and I didn’t see much progress with the uploading. I rarely get frustrated but this was one instance where I really got irritated on something that was basically trivial.

It took God knows how long before the video was fully uploaded and by then, I was already too upset to post the video. I actually think I need a really good wrinkle cream after this because I literally felt my forehead wrinkling into a gazillion lines earlier! The video upload ate up a huge chunk of my time, time I could’ve spent doing something else.

So now I have to postpone whatever it was I needed to accomplish until video is uploaded. Heed my warning dear friends; uploading a video can cause wrinkles!

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