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Use Yard Signs at Outdoor Kiddie Parties!

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It is a delight to hold kiddie parties in the outdoors, like a garden, during a fine day because then children have an expansive area to run around. Depending on your theme, you can put up Yard Signs that speak of the inspiration of your party. Or you can use these signs as markers for obstacle races and other games.
These signs could be made from Vinyl Banners with customized printing on them. For example, you are going to have banners the size of 1′ x 4′. Each banner will contain the theme or character, like Sponge Bob and his underwater friends, a photo of the celebrator, as well as the event, like Ethan’s 4th Birthday. You can have several of these banners printed and then attached to wooden poles. You can bury the poles on the ground so that these can be fun party decors.
Along with these banners, have Custom Gift Cards printed of the same design as the banners. You can just ask your design to resize it so that all the elements will fit the smaller layout. These cards could be used as labels on your loot bags. Just tie them with a matching ribbon and it is already a wonderful party favor.
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