Vancouver Hotel That Treats Your Dog Special

January 26, 2012

It is very rare that a hotel will allow pets into their vicinity. With Loden hotel, though, your dog is treated special, with its own custom bed and dishes and freshly baked treats. The latest issue of The Modern Dog magazine is also provided. Of course, also the cleanup kit.

If your dog gets special treatment, how much the people who brought the dog in? Located in Coal Harbour which is the most sought after community at downtown Vancouver, the luxurious Vancouver hotel is inspired by mountains, seas and forests. The floor to ceiling windows can make you behold the beauty of the outside mountains and waterways. Only the best of linens and lots of pillows to embrace while sleeping, you can dream the sweetest of dreams. Enjoy the deep-soaking bath tub and the European finish of sinks and fixtures. There is a separate shower for others who cannot wait or interrupt your dip. Each room has a large flat screen tv with ceiling speakers. You also can enjoy your personal fully-stocked bar.

Housekeeping is done twice a day. You can also go to the gym any time of the day or night, have your private car service and complimentary cruiser bike. It’s pampering to the max!

Comment before you go. Thanks!

  1. Wow, they allow pets? , so rare and maybe the price is also rare, accommodation like no other, love this Hotel.

  2. ayus ah! yung iba nga strictly prohibited ang pets pero sila may special treatment pa. that’s a very good marketing strategy alright 🙂

    1. I think no. kasi thinking in general, why would the owner risk the safety (health) of the people in that luxurious hotel, and why would someone bring an Askal to a very good Hotel? , I just thought so.

  3. Wow @ Sherry, where are you from? Malaysia? wow. there are lot of good hotels reviewed online hope you find one

  4. Many hotels give special services like this one that also caters dogs. It’s nice that some hotels allow dogs in their hotel knowing that there are still policies to follow in bringing one.

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