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Please…let me vent out what’s in my mind before I explode into pieces. HA!
Anyway, I am just having too many emotional struggles lately. I find myself so lonely and unloved. When I text my hubby, he wouldn’t reply. If I text him voicing out my hurts about this, he will just text back I am trying to engage a fight. Ahhh…this is hopeless!! He doesn’t take time to ask how we are of even the children, and now he accuses me of engaging a fight every time I text. Where will I place myself??

After all that happened to us and this never ending emotional pain and abuse, I started to wonder what I will do to stop this. I really do love him but doing so makes me hurt even more. Sometimes I wished that one day I will wake up and totally forget how I love him. That thought made me felt very scared.

What if because of too much pain I will be able to forget what true love is? What if because of his emotional abuse I will end up so bitter that I could never show love again? Oh God, please don’t let it happen!

Going on…I just hope and pray that he will remember us. He hasn’t sent support since we arrived here. He hasn’t helped paying the bills and even enrolling his [legal] kids to school. I am both the mother and the father right now and it’s very hard. I remembered the time when he left us for another girl around 3 years ago. He left me penniless and with so many credit to pay. It seems to me that what is happening right now is much worse than before (with much more bigger credit to pay!!).

Oh well, if I was able to survive before, I think I can still do now with God’s help and of course my blog’s income. I am earning above the basic pay for provinces with my blog’s income. Hopefully, I am praying to earn more so that I can pay the credit card bills. Yesterday, I was able to withdraw 7,300 pesos from my blogging income. I paid 6,500 pesos for my credit card bills, gave my father 500 (200 came from my previous funds, birthday gift) and bought grilled chicken and pork (a small treat to my children and the technician who reformatted my PC).

Good thing, I am so blessed with my children. They don’t clamor for good food all the time. They eat noodles, fish and even dried fish. Though sometimes I want to provide more for them, the only thing I can do for now is blog to pay-off the bills and provide the basic needs. I also make sure I do buy vitamins to compensate the nutritional requirements their body needs.

Why I am always online? Well, I guess that explains everything. This is the only way I can provide for my children without leaving them home. I want to be with them always and make them feel that I will never abandon them for others. Anyway, I am planning to save for a small sari-sari store to help augment our family’s income. I am planning to go back into participating with cooperative banks to help me gain additional capital. Aside from that, I also plan to help mothers tutor their preschool children for a small pay. Basically, do every legal thing just to provide for my kids, stay with my kids and pay the bills.

You know what…I always said to myself, financial struggles can be solved in due time but emotional problems has an indefinite time frame when it will stop. But what if you have both?? The answer is simple…pray to God that you will stay “SANE” so that you dont’ do anything stupid that would make things more badly and also for more strength to endure life’s storm. And ohh…don’t forget to count your blessings. It will always remind you that there will be a rainbow after the rain. It keeps your hopes up!!

Hahaha…I have many issues discussed in one post. Anyway, thanks for reading my musings.


PS. It’s my blog. It’s my life. Let’s just respect it…OK? Thanks!


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JesuLalaine June 27, 2008 - 1:03 am

great post rubs! I mean, the fact that you could still encourage others in spite of what you’re going through! I praise God for such strength. God bless and keep holding unto HIM your source of strength!

Z'riz June 27, 2008 - 1:48 am

Mommy Ruby I only have one thing to say to you and I know it’s just a saying but I think this time it fits the bill…

“It’s not how much you fall but how much you rise up every time.”

I believe you have indeed risen up from your marital problems before and I believe you can do so again.

Always remember that your family is with you and I can feel that your kids love you as well…

Things may not be as easy as they seem but in the long run, you will get what is due to you….

God bless mommy ruby!

Pinay WAHM June 27, 2008 - 7:38 am


Tulog ka na? Hehehe…

Seriously, you need to take some rest kasi it doesn’t help you emotionally kapag kulang ka sa tulog.

As for the husband, what else is there left to say. You love him but it seems he’s just too full of himself that he doesn’t see that.

Hang in there Mommy. Bata ka pa. I’m sure you will get through this…just like before.

Stay strong…

Mommy J

faeryrowan June 27, 2008 - 8:22 am

No matter what happens, just keep the faith, Mommy. God’s plans for us are always for the better, not the worst. Trust in Him, and everything will turn out well.

Jo Ann June 27, 2008 - 6:23 pm

sa lahat ng mga pain na nararamdaman mo at mga problemang nararanasan mo ngayon, i can’t help but be excited thinking of what could be waiting for you in the days to come. kasi i still believe that after all the pains, lots of joy will follow. i am sure there are great things planned for you kaya ka parang hinuhubog ngayon. bilib nga ako sa yo for holding on and for being strong. (bilib din ako sa income mo from bloggin!). my prayers are with you and your kids… take care!

armywife24 June 27, 2008 - 8:18 pm

i know how you feel sangay!!! lami na ipakulam ang mga lalaki hehhe… anyways wow dakoa nimo income sa blogging oi 🙂

Mummy Sheng June 28, 2008 - 12:35 am

i think your husband keeps on abusing you mentally and emotionally because he knows HE CAN! you let him to! he clearly knows how much you love him and that you’ll always be there when he decides to come back.

you have made it when he left you 3 years ago. so there’s no doubt that you can do it again! be strong and just think of your kids. i know it’s hard but i think you may have to stop expecting that he’ll come around soon.

let god be in control.

god bless!

LxndreaSB June 28, 2008 - 1:27 am

hey there mommy ruby.
just remember that you have friends everywhere including those online to give you moral support!
pray to God and He will help you get through this.
keep in mind also that bad things don’t last. they fade and will become a memory.
i survived my first marriage and now i am blessed a second time.
as i said, God will reveal His plan to you one day.
just persevere and be strong.
God bless..


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