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Making a decision about home flooring needs careful budgeting and thought as the results will be part of day-to-day life for years. Points to keep in mind when choosing flooring is the amount of traffic a room has, how much care will be needed and how it fits into the wider colour scheme.

There are many different types of flooring on the market. Traditionally, most people will think that certain types of flooring go with particular rooms but there are really no rules when it comes to choosing flooring for your home.

Perhaps the only rule is to combine practicality with creativity – and here’s how!

Elegant look for the home 

When people think of vinyl they usually imagine the bathroom or kitchen. It’s true that vinyl’s durability makes it ideal for the wear-and-tear and moisture that these parts of the home endure but with so many classy designs available in vinyl ranges today, it is an option for the lounge, dining room and bedrooms too.

Whole home 

Speaking of classy designs, Tegola Summer Oak Vinyl Flooring is a fantastic example of a solution to flooring needs all over the home. Its light finish gives a modern touch and its embossed surface provides a genuine feel without all of the fuss of real wood.

True, wall-to-wall carpet provides warmth but vinyl flooring conducts under floor heating well and it’s sound proof. This light-hue flooring lightens up a home when the days get shorter and a few well-placed rugs add to the chic look.

Care made easy

 One of the attractive things about vinyl flooring is that it is easy to care for. Do watch out for dust, grit and sand as they can be damaging but regular sweeping or vacuuming will go a long way to protecting the floor from long-term damage.

A splash of water is usually enough to give a vinyl flooring a quick clean but for a more thorough job, only use cleaning products which have been recommended by a professional. You can also do your bit to stop dirt and grit entering the home in the first place by adopting a ‘no shoes’ policy within your home and placing hardy mats at entrance points to collect any debris which may damage your floors.

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