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Very Slow Connection

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It’s been days that I have been very busy running errands. Yesterday, I wasn’t able to go outside the house because it was a holiday here. Some banks that I needed to visit are close. So, I just stayed inside the house.

Unfortunately, my internet broadband connection was not that very cooperative. I was hoping to make at least 600 drops for my other blogs at EntreCard but I ended up in the most annoying situation. My connection was very slow! But, I still tried dropping and guess what? I am still dropping now. I am not yet even close to 300. Grrr…

Anyway, I am planning to change my internet service provider. PLDT is not yet available here, so, I might as well try out for Bayantel Broadband. I am just curious, anybody here using Bayantel? Is there connection speed good? Is it worth the investment?

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Cielo August 18, 2008 - 9:10 am

i Love your clipart hehehe, i can almost imagine how you feel specially nung nakadial-up pa ako…i am using pldt dsl, il try to ask my brother tomorrow who owns a intenrnet shop (he migrated from Bayantel to PLDT), ill give you feedback the soonest


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