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The reason why I resigned from work is that I wanted to stay at home to be with my kids. I have very bad experiences with my nannies taking care of my children. There was one time that my hubby came home early found my children padlocked inside our house. My hubby was very furious and so was I when he shared it to me.
After that incident, my hubby and I talked about our children’s nanny. We speculated that she might have mistreated our kids. Maybe my babies were just too afraid of her to tell the truth. So, we decided to call my mother to take care of the children instead of her and later on I decided to stay at home with them.

Though we speculated, we tried to ask our neighbors and most of them said that my children are always left inside the house and the nanny will go somewhere else. Since we don’t have evidence, we could not really reprimand her aside from those incident we caught her doing. If we only have a nanny camera, we might have caught evidences of her doings.

By the way, after that nanny, we were able to hire another one. The next one was rumored to bring-in her friends without our knowledge. Aside from that, many neighbors reported that she was bringing our food outside the house to her boyfriend! Talk about that!! I am sure a nanny camera would really solve the case. No wonder our budget is going like crazy that time.

Now, I am really thinking of buying a nanny camera even though I am already here at home. I have a house help with me right now who do some household chores but unfortunately, we have many cases of missing groceries and fast depletion of rice resources. Now, it really made me wonder where my food went. What do you think?


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Z'riz May 20, 2008 - 7:30 pm

my sister in law had the same experience with her nanny!

left the baby in the crib and went somewhere! luckily the baby is fine…mag 2 years old na…and the nanny is looooong gone!

aeirin May 24, 2008 - 4:40 am

hmmmm It’s hard to leave your child with a nanny… SOME nannies don’t care about your child.. mabait lang sila pagnakaharap ka… (I’m not saying lahat ha) pero ok n yung meron kang assurance kasi you;re leaving on the same house. mahirap na noh… I had a nannie before, tuwing nagttravel parents ko, laging pumupunta ang boyfriend and laging nsa masters bedroom. During that time, wala naman akong alam.. Ngayon ko lang narealize yung gnwa nung yaya ko before… ang msama pa, nanakawan kmi nun and inside job daw… Kaya mommy, it’s ok to have nanny camera… wala namang mawawala dba, you’re just making sure na walang kalokohang gnagwa ang nanny mo….


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