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A Virus Got My PC

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Honestly, I am totally frustrated right now! Why? Because I am accessing my blogs via internet café! My husband installed a game at my PC last night while I was resting and sleeping. When I woke up around 12mn, I was shocked to find out that my PC will not turn on anymore. I did every possible troubleshooting procedure but I think my PC got a virus!

I think my virus protection software was not enough to safeguard my PC because I could not even access the safe mode to perform a virus removal procedure. I think I need to buy a more stable and strong virus protection that can help me not only with viruses but also from spywares, Trojans, malwares, spam and more. I also think I need something that can help prevent my children from accessing unsuitable sites for minors since they are already using the internet.

Oh well, once my PC is back, I think I need to get a suitable virus protection software for me. I was thinking about getting ZSecurity AntiVirus since it’s affordable at $39.95 and that’s for three users already!! Anyway, I just hope my files are intact. I will be more frustrated if I lost them all.

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