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Having a music minded husband, our house is always filled with music and his guitar strums. Sometimes, I have imagined that if hadn’t become an engineer he would probably play as professional musician. Too bad there were no good breaks given to talented people way back.

Unlike today, many contest platforms have emerged to give unsigned talents an opportunity to showcase their ability. Contests like Philippine Idol, Pinoy Big Brother, and now MTV Emerge which have started recently. MTV emerge is a MTV, Jeepney Music, and Department of Tourism collaboration. They have put this up for Filipino talents to showcase their art of music in different genre. All participants will be subject to public voting. The grand winner will win a one year contract with Jeepney Music.

I went and voted for RapNoPhobia who raps from the island of Mindanao. It looks like they have a great talent and deserves to have a break. Based on their entry, they really worked hard to attain it. Besides, we need new rappers in the music industry. Anyway, you can vote too. Help our fellow talented Filipinos get the break they deserve. You can sign-up at and vote for the talented people and bands you like.

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  • Lån Penge

    HUGE RAPNOPHOBIA FAN HERE lol. Just found site googling rapnophobia. I like your vote, even if long ago lol ;D

    Lån Penge :-))

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