Waiting for a Miracle

As I am making this post, all my children, my mom and my help are asleep. I was able to wake around 12mn because my baby asked for milk. After giving it to her, I can no longer go back to sleep as my sleepiness went away. My husband is not here. He left early this afternoon to spend his time with his friends and up until now, he is not here. He is still somewhere out there, drinking and enjoying himself.

Well, my husband is not the perfect one. He is the one that most women don’t want when responsibility is required. When I got married to him, all I could see was perfection and was not able to see his true colors. I was the last person to know about his vices. Now, after 10 years of marriage, he is still the same and honestly, I am already in the verge of giving up. I have other blogs to prove that this vicious cycle happens again and again. But as of now, I am still hoping that a rainbow would show up in this marriage. So up until now, I am waiting for my miracle!

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