Wallpapers for FireFox Lovers!!


Are you a fan of Mozilla FireFox? Well, I am. I admit it freely to the world that I am an avid user of Mozilla FireFox! Aside from that, I love the images and the designs related to it. So, while I was surfing (“what else am I supposed to do online?”), I came across a website that showcases 70 FireFox wallpapers. The designs are all beautiful and awesome.So, if you’re tired of your desktop’s look, I guess getting one will pimp it up! Check out few samples below:

This black wallpaper is simple but very cool.

Like surfing? Beach or the net? The above wallpaper looks really neat!

The one above is really cute. The colors are soothing and reminds me of autumn cartoons.

The above design reminds me of PUSS in Shrek the Movie. Cute eyes and cuddly face!

For more designs, CLICK HERE.

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