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Wants a DSLR Camera

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It’s been awhile now since I wanted to own a DSLR camera. Not that I want to become a professional photographer but I wanted to take quality pictures of my family and for my blogs. An article posted with a picture makes it very attractive for readers. As we all know, we humans are more visually engaged.

Since DSLR camera is very expensive, my friend told me to buy a point and shoot camera instead. She said that there are many quality “point and shoot camera” that takes pictures like a DSLR such the ones produced by a Canon camera.

So I visited to a Canon camera shop to check on their point and shoot camera but when I came there, I was still attracted to their DSLR camera. I don’t know why I wanted a DSLR but still I know inside that it would make my life photo memories more interesting as I capture quality pictures of my subjects – my loved ones!

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