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Watched Donaire vs Concepcion Fight Earlier


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Just this morning, my husband and I have the privilege of watching the boxing fight of Donaire vs Concepcion at our neighbor’s house since we don’t have cable, no ordinary TV antenna installed and the online streaming proved to be futile for us. Even so, we were able to watch the 12-round fight!

*image courtesy of www.notifight.com*

Since I was not able to closely monitor the media coverage prior to the Donaire vs Concepcion fight, I was shocked to know that their game was not a title bout because Concepcion was four pounds over the limit. Because of this, he was not qualified to play for the title fight but still Donaire agreed to go on with fight.

The boxing match really went great. It lasted for 12 rounds and both fighters proved their resilience to pain especially for Concepcion who suffered a cut from Donaire’s powerful jabs in the second round of their fight. As for Donaire, he also proved his class as a great boxer by taking blows from someone who is heavier than him.

If Concepcion was allowed to take the best weight loss supplement in the market and was able to make the limit, I guess he could have showed more than what he did earlier. In my own opinion, I think title bouts can really make a fighter out of you because you would really want to claim or maintain a belt for your own glory.

Anyway, kudos to both fighters for giving a great boxing match to the end!


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irish August 17, 2009 - 10:27 am

halu mommy. great post. i added this site to my new blog. hope u can add me here too.

a blog of a lady named irish


Donald Serrano August 17, 2009 - 10:33 pm

galing talaga ng mga pinoy!!! 😀

praning5254 August 18, 2009 - 2:50 pm

bilib ako kay Donaire, ang galing niyang umilag tsaka parang laro lang talaga sa kanya yung laban nila…

Non-tile bout ba yun? Eh bakit may belt na binigay kay Donaire?

admin August 19, 2009 - 12:45 am

@Irish: Added na po Mommy. Thanks for adding mine.

@Donald Serrano: Matagal na yan! Isa ka din doon.

@Praning5254: Sa kanya yun Mommy. Yun sana ang taya na belt pero nag over limit si Concepcion. 🙂


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