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Water Consumption Expenses

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Every other day, we buy 10 gallons of purified drinking water. That means we spend around 1,125 pesos a month for drinking water alone. If we add our water consumption for dish washing, laundry and bath, which is around 600 to 800 pesos, then we are paying about 1,500 to 2,000 pesos a month! See how much big that is!


Anyway, I am trying to cut back on drinking water expenses without salvaging my family’s health. I am planning to buy some water filter. We will directly install it in our kitchen’s piping system for easy access to human consumption or a standalone water purifier. So, I am thinking that canvassing for water filters or standalone purifiers in the next few weeks would be a great idea. So that we will be able to save on the next month’s water expenses, isn’t that sweet?!

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