We Observed Earth Hour

Before I left for Cagayan de Oro, I was really convinced deep inside that our family should observe the Earth Hour. So when we arrived at Bacolod, my husband also agreed that we should observe it too.

Finally, when the time to observe Earth Hour came, my children started asking why we were turning off the lights. So, I explained to them over dinner about saving Mother Earth. Since they didn’t understand terms like the ozone layer, I used a plastic to symbolize it and a piece of meat as the Earth. Then explained to them how all the environment is dying because of pollutants and tree cutting. It was a joyous and funny discussion since the father is throwing few jokes while the little boy was very curious. The girl was also laughing because of the things I used just to explain things to them.

Oh well, though we were the only house that observed the Earth Hour at our place. I was very happy that we participated. Aside from contributing to saving Mother Earth, my children learned a lot of things about being responsible inhabitants of this planet!

11 thoughts on “We Observed Earth Hour

  1. that was the correct thing to do mommy. i wish you all the best, and i hope u will continue to be a good role model to your children

  2. We observed it too. by the way isabelmarco still haven’t paid me for the money I earned from them.It’s taking a long time.

  3. hello, this is my first post to this blog. i was observing earth hour in baguio. it was an hour for “akyat bahay gangs” on the loose as theft cases rise that moment

  4. Glad to hear that you also observed the Earth Hour. My husband and I were already thinking that only us observed it. Our neighbors are all dedma 🙁 really sad because it only means they do not care about our Earth.

  5. I must admit I forgot all about it. However I don’t feel bad as we pro-actively commit to saving energy and helping the environment in day-to-day life which I think is more important than just a one hour deal.

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