One of my weaknesses is really chocolates. I eat them for dessert, I sometimes eat them when I am hungry, and most of all, it is my favorite comfort food. That is not actually good for my diet but what can I do? Chocolates make me feel good. That is why I am not without chocolates at home. Hehe

One of the things that I would like to receive on a special day is one of those Chocolate Gift Baskets filled to overflowing with different kinds of chocolate candies. I would like some milk chocolate, filled chocolates, dark chocolates, chocolates with nuts, chocolates with rice crispies, and fruit. And most of all, caramel! Awwww…I love them all!

Maybe a one-year supply will do. So hint! Hint! If anyone is planning to surprise me with a nice gift anytime soon, make it one filled with chocolates! Yippee! Hehe I am not picky. As long as it is sweet and has cocoa in it, I will take it on anytime!

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