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As a blogger, newbie or pro, you always consider having your own domain name and self host your own blog. This will give you more control over your blog’s over-all functions.

But getting a web hosting is sometimes a very difficult choice. You might not know how they really work things with their services. Do they have a reliable 24 hours customer service? Does the price substantiate the package and services received? Is the web host generally up all the time? There are many factors that you need to consider when getting one.

I for one got a bad experience in my webhosting services but luckily after learning many things over the internet, I was able to survive. But the question is do we need to undergo these things just to become an experienced one? I guess not. Many things can be avoided if we read reviews on these web hosting companies before ever buying one – of course, this was my big mistake, so learn from it.

Though it’s very late for me, I have opted to share with you a website that I have found that reviews web hosting companies and compare their packages and prices. At webhostingchoice.com, you are presented with the best 10 web hosting companies. They have substantial information on each site. Their top 10 was based according to the web hosting companies’ affordability, reliability, uptime and tech support. And if you’re new to hosting, they have provided a place for you to learn more about these things.

As they say, wiser is the man that learns from others experience. So, learn from me! Avoid web hosting pitfalls.

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