What a Day!!


Just an update, my hubby arrived last night around 9:00pm. We watched almost three movies while waiting for him. I just thank God he arrived safely.

Anyway, my baby boy is still sick. We brought him to the doctor yesterday. Since he is not showing any signs of grave danger, only cough and colds, the doctor ordered for a few more days to observe his fever. If after four days he still has it, then it would be the time we need to get a sample of his blood to determine the underlying cause of his fever. Another thing, I am also sick (again). I had a fever with coughs and colds just this morning.

The two days my hubby will spend with us will be very sickly. We were really hoping to have fun and happy times but circumstances didn’t go with us. But we are trying to make the best out of this two days, wish us luck! He he he…

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  • Mummy SHENG

    for sure everybody’s happy that your hubby is there. it’s just sad that you and the litte boy are sick.

    hope you 2 will feel better soon so you can all enjoy being together as a family!

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