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What a Night!!


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I have a very tough night, two in a row. Last night, I got my blog settings messed up and just lately, the email. Because I was so overwhelmed by it, I almost missed a lot of assignments. I keep tweaking and tweaking things that I don’t know about.A few minutes ago, I also asked Mommy Vhiel to check on my settings. Gladly, all my settings are correct; maybe I was just too engrossed on not receiving an email from PayPal to confirm my additional email. Anyway, who wouldn’t be scared? After the hacking that happened with my co-blogger friend, I have been changing passwords and security questions just to make necessary precautions.

Now, I am still alive. Though not that kicking anymore, a little bit drowsy and all, I am still thinking of the many things that I need to do and errands to accomplish. Gesh, I just wished I could rest for awhile but it seems I have too many pending works that I have no time for it.

Anyway, I am thinking of eating pizza right now while watching a good movie. Hmmm…I guess I could not indulge. I need to work hard now and play later. Well, just like they say…Go for the Gold!



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Z'riz August 22, 2008 - 9:00 pm

Ay nako mami! I will stop tweaking my blog muna… hehehehe

Vhiel August 23, 2008 - 10:18 pm

hey mommy ruby.. did you finally get those emails?


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