What a Vacation Can Do


It has been awhile since I have taken either a personal or a family vacation. Finances and circumstances always hinder us from doing so. But who wouldn’t want to go on a vacation, certainly not I.

One time, I was talking to a friend of mine who said she also needed a vacation. There is just so much stress in her life right now and would really appreciate to get away from everything and just enjoy herself, even for just three days. She said that a vacation can really renew the mind and body, as we get to see new scenery, meet new people, taste new foods, and try different adventures. She also says that she gets to think over her career, family, and future whenever she is on vacation.

She also mentioned how she would like to rent a villa in Morocco or get a holiday rental in maybe Ibiza in Spain. I wonder though, she is not really a part girl, why would she want to go to Ibiza? Oh well, to each his own.

Hmmm…I am thinking about how it would be nice to get on a family vacation and occupy like one of the villas Florida where is tropical but cool or in one of the villa rentals Majorca. It is good to rent a villa because you save money than when getting individual rooms and get to live in a home style place. And these villas in Europe are very scenic and are usually located near tourist spots. So it is easy to get around. These villas may also be rented at a good rate during non-peak season. It is just a matter of timing our vacation on certain months.

Ahhh…dream on. Someday, I will get there. My friend and I never stop dreaming that someday, we too, will get our well deserved vacation.

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