What are Acid Cigars?

Just the name of the cigar is enough to make one reconsider if he really should be smoking it, right? However, it really is not as toxic as you would think. It’s actually a brand of aromatic cigars that come in a variety of flavors comparable to more popular cigar brands.

Acid cigars are fairly new in the market. Unlike other brands which have been thriving since the early 1900s, this company which manufactures this particular brand was formed in 1995. The actual Acid cigars brand was actually only introduce in 1999 yet they have gotten the attention of cigar connoisseurs probably because it caters to a different market – that of botanical aromatic cigar smokers.

One good thing about Acid is the fact that its manufacturer, Drew Estate, places great emphasis on producing premium quality Acid brand cigars by making use of hundreds of aromatic oils, herbal essences and spices.

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