What Happened??


If you have noticed, I haven’t made a personal update for the past few days. What happened to Mommy Ruby?? Well, earlier last week around Monday morning my baby boy got sick. So, I was really busy taking care of him. Around 9:00pm Wednesday, my hubby arrived for a 3 days leave to spend time with us. Thursday morning, I got sick myself but tried my very best to fight it back because my baby boy was sick also and my hubby was here.

By Friday, we we’re already able to spend time as a family together because both my baby boy and I felt OK already – no more fever. We went to the mall. We watched a movie, ate at Pizza Hut, and went into a little shopping to buy my kiddos their school bags. When evening came; my hubby, two of his neighbors and I went to a bar and drank. After which, my hubby and I dated by ourselves.

But when Saturday came, we just spent our time at home because my big girl was now the one who got stricken by fever. So, we spent the whole day in the room. When the evening came, my mom and I went to the pier with my hubby because his ferry will leave around 12mn. Of course, I cried. Spending 72 hours with him doesn’t give emotional justice to my heart.

Anyway, I did some paid blogging. Only those that were assigned to me, I wasn’t able to grab since I spent most of my time with my family during the stay of my hubby. And big girl is still sick.

By the way, I was tagged by many friends. I will try to do it but I will not promise that I can do it all (peace in advance!) because I have too many pending tasks to be done especially for Pinay Mommies Community and my promised linky love post. As for now, I want to sleep first and reorganize later. I think I am having a writer’s block.

See you later guys!!

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  • faeryrowan

    Glad to hear about your husband’s visit and that it went well. I do hope and pray things will turn out for the better for you and your family, Mommy Ruby! I pray for your big girl’s health, too. Hope she gets better soon.

    Btw, I got a little something for you at my blog. It’s not much but I hope it’ll make you smile. Check it out at

  • wandering elephant

    hi mommy r. U've had a full wkend… full of tears, joy & mommy woes at the same time. I hope you have enough rest. TC!

  • Paula

    Glad you and your kids are well now and had your well deserved family time. Hope more happy times together to come for you and your family. 🙂

  • cielo

    hi sis, our blogging & our personal activities will really go on the sidelight, because our family will always be on the centerstage….so just be back when everythings OK

  • genny

    Yes Mommy Rubz friends always friend but family first before anything else. Blogging can wait also friends can wait its you spent your time w/ hubby and kids glad to hear that. Ok ra mi no probs…Ingat lagi…

  • Pinay WAHM

    Hi Mommy…

    Something different eh? LOL…come to think of it, the distance/or time away from each other may have done you good [I sure hope so anyway]. A lot of relationships thrive on being away from each other actually. My husband and I can’t and are not willing to do it. But I know a few couples/families who only see each other on the weekend at most [yung iba months] due to work situations but they are doing great.

    Whatever works for you, right? If you think you’ll be a lot better this time, why not? Family is family no matter what.

    Like I always say…we’re always here…

    Mommy J

  • Mariuca

    Hi dear! Looks like u had a pretty trying week, with everybody getting sick and u having to be the Superwoman! I am glad however to hear your hubby got to spend some time with you. You must be feeling so much better now. Hugs! :):):)

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