What is the Employer Branding or Employer Brand and Why Promote It?


All companies are clear about the brand image they want to project to their clients, but many neglect their Employer Branding strategy. However, it is essential to have a clear identity or employer brand that helps attract and motivate talent to the company. In this way, we can say that Employer Branding is a strategy focused on improving the image that the company offers regarding its employees both internally and externally. But let’s take a closer look at how this concept came to be and what you can do to develop an attractive employer brand.

What is Employer Branding?

As we have just seen, Employer Branding is the reputation of a company as an employer. Or, put another way, the value proposition that a company offers its workers, present and future.

Although this concept began to be used in the late 1990s, some companies previously used this strategy in their marketing plans to reinforce the image that the company projected to customers. Little by little, this made the Human Resources departments also worry about the image that the candidates had of the company. It is at this time that marketing is put at the service of HR to work on what we know today as Employer Branding.

Why is it important to promote the employer brand?

In general, we could say that the employer brand is fundamental when it comes to attracting talent. Taking care of the perception that candidates have about the company can become a key element to attract the best talent to the team. However, this is not the only reason why companies should take care of their Employer Branding strategy. Other reasons why we should work on creating a good image are:

– It is a powerful way to attract competitive and qualified talent to the company.

– Conveys a strong brand image.

– It helps that the right profiles are attracted to the company.

– Improves staff retention rate.

How to implement the Employer Branding strategy

To facilitate the work of the Human Resources Department and achieve an attractive and solid employer brand, it is advisable to carry out certain actions. We tell you the ones that are most useful in practice.

– Ask your current workers. Knowing what they thought of the company before working in it or how the recruitment process was can be very useful to change those aspects perceived as negative.

-Connect with your audience through your employees. Your employees will not only help you detect what has failed in the past, but they can also become a spokesperson for the company’s brand. Trust them to share what the company they work for is like through social media or testimonial videos. This will not only improve Employer Branding, but it will change the perception and commitment of your workers with your organization.

– Set some goals. Based on the information obtained from your employees it is possible to design a strategy that helps create a better work environment and define your image inside and outside the company.

– Communicate that valuable information to your employees and future candidates. The vast majority of people seek information about companies before beginning a selection process. Make public what you want them to know: your values, day-to-day… 

– Analyze the results. The truth is that you will not see a transformation overnight; but it is possible to see indicators of change in the company’s talent retention, candidates interested in being part of the project or the brand’s online reputation.

Are you now ready to implement the strategy?

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