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What Is Your Favorite Games?

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That question came from my four year old son. He asks that every time I am in front of my personal computer. He thought that I am playing and he is sending the message that he has the intention to play too. So sometimes, I let him play but sometimes I don’t if I have some work to attend online.So, I was thinking of buying them a Play Station this Christmas. I think he can and even her older sister can handle a gadget like this. Children nowadays are modern. They also have pretty clear choices on what games they want to play. They have preferences. Some PC based games can be played in PS1 or PS2 editions also.

It was also good to know that you can buy these games in discounted price if you have Gamefly coupons. You can also avail of free delivery. I was amazed with the latest titles they have. They are updated.

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LOURDES March 23, 2012 - 11:18 pm

I like playing Plants vs. Zombies. It’s fun.


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