What Is Your Ideal Bathroom?

What is that one place that you cannot do without at home? Everybody will probably agree that one can survive without a bedroom or a kitchen. As long as there is a roof over the head then everything will be fine, until you need a bathroom! It is not called a comfort room or a restroom for nothing! You may have a nice bedroom but real rest is given by the toilet and bath.

You have probably seen so many movies where the scene is in one’s bath tub. The whole bathroom could be the size of your whole house already! Is it not tempting to fantasize to have the same? Imagine your own tub in the middle of the room and a double bathroom vanity nearby. Your walk-in closet could also be readily accessible with layers and layers of intimate apparel, complete wardrobe and your own collection of shoes!

Double Sink Bathroom Vanities

Who will stop you from fantasizing or daydreaming of your ideal bathroom? After all, it is free! If you want to make it a reality, though, then you have to do some planning on how to attain it. You have to wake up from the dream and start doing something feasible towards your goal.

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7 thoughts on “What Is Your Ideal Bathroom?

  1. My ideal bathroom is one where I can take a hot and cold shower, depending on my need. Also, it’d be great to have one that smells great. 🙂

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