What the Lagoon Escapade 2019 Tells Us about the Philippine Yachting Scene


The Lagoon Escapade is a one-of-a-kind sailing event organized by Lagoon catamaran dealers all over the world. Earlier this year, between April 5 and 7, 2019, the Philippine edition of the event returned to Mindoro following a successful debut the previous year. The second edition of the Escapade drew about 100 guests and featured the participation of 11 magnificent catamarans, which cruised through the idyllic waters of the Verde Island Passage before reaching their final destination at the Puerto Galera Bay. Like last year’s Escapade, the 2019 event was organized by Europa Yachts Philippines, Lagoon’s official representative in the country.

While the Escapade is similar in many ways to other boating events, at its heart, it is all about the wholesome fun of sailing with loved ones. It wasn’t a racing regatta, a fishing rally, or any other highly competitive sporting event—its emphasis was on family, friendship, camaraderie, and community. These are things that Filipinos from all walks of life hold close to their hearts, being a social people that have inherently tight-knit families and communities.

Lagoon Means Community

The abovementioned values are also ingrained in the very DNA of the Lagoon brand, and they are made manifest in the naval architecture and interior design of every Lagoon boat. With their expansive deck plans, convivial living spaces, and technical qualities that deliver optimum performance and comfort at sea, Lagoon boats are particularly suited for seafaring activities that place an emphasis on community.

“The multihull layout of Lagoon catamarans offer a number of advantages that make them more enjoyable for larger groups of people,” said Richard Sarinas, Director of Marketing and Business Development of Europa Yachts Philippines. “These boats have spacious decks and saloons, thanks to the fact their deck plans need to bestride the broad width between their port hull and their starboard hull. This basically means that there is more space for leisure, comfort, and hosting gatherings whenever you feel like bringing on board the people who are most important to you.”

The huge space is not limited above deck, however, since the double hull design of Lagoon catamarans also means that the floorplan is also generous below deck.

“The main advantage is that in a catamaran, you basically have two hulls where you have the cabins or bedrooms. In Lagoon catamarans, specifically, the cabin layout can accommodate anywhere from 3 to 6 cabins, depending on the model of the boat. That’s a lot of room to move around—perfect for when you need to house a large group of people on board,” Sarinas said.

Perfect for the Philippines

More than catamarans being a great fit for Filipinos’ sense of community, the Philippines is also a natural market for leisure boats in general and catamarans in particular. With the country’s abundant marine resources, a lengthy coastline that’s the sixth longest in the world, and thousands of islands forming its archipelagic geography, there are more than enough sailing destinations and challenges to last any sailing enthusiast a lifetime.

Moreover, catamarans are ideal platforms for aquatic activities closer to shore. Without the large and heavy ballasted keels of other sailboats, catamarans have typically shallow drafts—meaning the bottom of their hulls don’t lie very low under water. Thanks to this design, most catamarans like Lagoon boats can move in much closer to shore—a benefit to those who enjoy pursuits like snorkeling, shore diving, kiteboarding, windsurfing, and other activities that can only be enjoyed near the coast. The Philippines has a wealth of locations where near-shore activities like these can be enjoyed by boat owners and their guests.

The impressively growing Philippine economy is also enabling more and more people to consider buying a sailboat for leisure—or chartering one for the same purpose. In fact, according to an op-ed piece from the Asean Briefing, the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia are the countries in Asia “that have the highest potential in yacht growth.” Far East Asia, the article notes, is currently home to only 4.3 percent of the world’s super yachts (25-30-meter-long boats) despite its already huge number of high-net-worth individuals.

And while the industry of yacht chartering is still in its infancy, there is also growing interest among the locals, thanks in no small measure to the efforts of some existing yacht owners. They do their part in sharing the yachting lifestyle to others typically by skippering their own boats and letting paying customers on board. Currently, the preferred destinations for both boat charter operators and their customers are Palawan, Subic Bay in Zambales, Puerto Galera in Oriental Mindoro, Bohol, and Cebu. For reasons already mentioned, catamarans are an especially attractive option for boating activities in these locations.

Finally, with the growing interest and demand for new boats and yacht-related services, it is also expected that more marinas will be built in the country even as existing ones are expanded. This should assure prospective boat owners that there will be available facilities to moor and maintain their boats in.

“The onus is now on the Philippine government and its potential private partners to capitalize on this rising local demand. We can even take advantage of the surfeit of demand in nearby yachting markets like Hong Kong, whose marinas are now overburdened with an excess of leisure boats,” said Sarinas.

A Promise of Future Escapades to Come

The growth of the Lagoon Escapade is emblematic of the growth of the Philippine catamaran and sailing market as a whole. From just over 60 participants and 8 catamarans back in 2018, the event grew to attract more than 100 guests and 11 catamarans during its 2019 edition. This may very well be proof of how well Lagoon’s catamarans have been received by the local sailing scene.

Some of the models of Lagoon catamarans that participated in the event include the Lagoon Seventy7, Lagoon 620, Lagoon 500, and Lagoon 450, among others. The presence of different-sized catamarans with different features also made the Lagoon Escapade a treat for catamaran fans. The Lagoon Seventy7 Abby Grace, in particular, proved to be a head-turner, being a specimen of Lagoon’s premiere sailboat model. The other boats, were also not without their charms, especially for those who preferred more compact and more intimate vessels. All participating boats showed off Lagoon’s signature performance and style that makes them truly a joy to sail and live in.

To learn more about Lagoon catamarans and other boats from the world’s best boatbuilders, contact Europa Yachts today at info@europayachts.net or call (+632) 553-2027.

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