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What To Look For In A Wine Cooler

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When you next sit back and enjoy a glass of red, white or rosé you should consider the fact that the very first known winery actually dates from 4100 BC!

You are certainly joining in an ancient tradition although you may not want to taste anything that was made that long ago!

The problem is that when you start appreciating wine you start to collect it. You’ll then need to consider the best way to store it. If you’re intending on keeping it at home then you’ll need to take a look at WineTurtle to see the best wine coolers on the market.

It doesn’t matter if you drink red or white, your wine should be chilled when stored. Red should be brought up to room temperature approximately one hour before serving

Before you choose the best wine cooler for your house it is worth considering these factors:


If you only ever purchase standard cylindrical 70cl bottles then most wine coolers will do the job.  But, if you like to collect random ones you may need to consider which of the different wine coolers will allow you to store them all.

You also need to consider the number of bottles you think you will collect; this will determine how large your wine cooler needs to be.

Don’t forget that you probably will end up with more than you think; go for a larger wine cooler to ensure you have enough space.

Quality & Reputation

It is advisable to confirm the reputation of a specific manufacturer. This can be easily done by looking at how long they have been in business and what the general feedback is on them.

There may be testimonials on the manufacturer’s site but it is best to check with social media to get a real feel for how their customers see them.

If possible you should check the wine cooler out physically to see how well it has been made. Cheaper construction will not last and is likely to be a false economy.


Of course you need to consider your budget. The very best wine coolers have a host of features including the ability to keep different sections of the cooler at different temperatures. This may be useful if you’re planning on keeping lots of different wines.

However it could also be an unnecessary gimmick which causes you to increase your budget!

Choose the budget you can afford and stick to it; there will be a good wine cooler in this price range.

Types Of Wine Cooler

You should be aware that different wine coolers use different technologies. The main two are compressor cooling and thermoelectric.

  • Compressor Cooling

This method works in a similar way to your conventional refrigerator. Gas is pumped round the system which draws the heat from the wine cooler and makes it cool.

These are louder than thermoelectric but will work better in hot weather.

  • Thermoelectric

These are a much quieter option with no vibrations. However despite being more energy efficient they are not generally as powerful as the compressor powered wine cooler.

They use electricity to draw the heat out of your wine cooler and into the outside air, balancing the two. The hotter it gets outside the harder it is for this type of wine cooler to work effectively.

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