What’s On You Christmas Wishlist?

It is about 40 days before Christmas and have you made your wishlist yet? I know that apart from an incredibly long list of what to buy for your family and friends for Christmas, you are also making a checklist of the items you want to receive on the merriest day of all. I know I have a list stashed somewhere that I will mentally tick once I received each of the items on the list!

One of the things that is on my list is this bt-105 at guitar center. I thought it will be beneficial to learn a new skill in the new year and learning how to play an instrument tops my list. That is why a new instrument is also necessary. I will be more inspired to learn how to play and practice everyday if I have my own instrument, right?

Apart from that, I also have books, gadgets and other items on my Christmas wishlist and I am keeping my fingers crossed that my Santa Clause will bring them home on Christmas day!

What’s  on your Christmas list?

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