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When the Occasion Calls for It

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God is very creative and a lover of beauty. Just take a look at the lovely flowers that He has created. It is no wonder why flowers are always a part of special occasions. Birthdays, weddings and anniversaries, Valentine’s and all the other special days of the year are all flooded with flowers. It is a nice way of expressing how we feel towards our loved on when we offer them flowers.

If there is one person that I would like to honor by giving her flowers, that would be my mother. She had been sacrificial in raising me and my siblings and up until now, she doesn’t stop caring for me and even my children. She is a great helper and I would now know what to do without my Mama.

So this coming Mother’s Day, I will surely order Bridgeport flowers for her. It is a simple gesture of saying thanks to all that she has done. I know that nothing I do will really repay what she has given me, but somehow I hope that I will be able to make her feel special even for just one day.

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