Where to Cram in LA and Who Better to Guide You Through It!


coffeeWhen asked what they look for in a tutor, most students point out it’s not just about the knowledge they bring to the table, but also a question of amiability and grace, especially in the handling of any sort of problems that might arise – the “dog-ate-my-homework” type chief among them. In short, while anyone with a full (or thereabouts) understanding of the curriculum may be a tutor, qualifications and degrees aren’t everything to this job.

The Profile of a Tutor Worth His/Her Salt

A tutor is most of all flexible, meaning they can incorporate and prioritize the needs of their student in terms of the time and place where studying can occur. This finely-tuned meeting of minds results in a smoother process of learning, as well as a painless addition to the tutee’s schedule which may well already be jam-packed with incomprehensibly taught classes and could stand to benefit from a breath-of-fresh-air one-on-one tutoring session. This rather innovative approach is already reaping results over at Varsity Tutors, with others following in their footsteps.

Not least of all, a true mentor has the skills to both effortlessly share his knowledge and inspire – even Chemistry may suddenly look enticing, when seen through the eyes of the passionate PhD candidate gushing about it from across the table to a student’s more artistically-inclined molecules! Transmitting one’s enthusiastic view of a(n arid) subject and instilling those feelings in a student require a level of craft that not any tutor can boast.

The Best Places Conducive to Studying Are…

While online tutoring has its fair share of advocates, among the busiest students or those less inclined to step too far outside their comfort zone, face-to-face teaching is certainly the more impactful and reliable. It delivers more than just the expected high scores and all but guaranteed placing at the college of one’s choice: for one thing, the real-life back-and-forth helps the student develop his or her interpersonal skills. But is your home really the best place for achieving both on-paper results and self-growth?

In case you realize the familiarity of a place can breed distractions and foster all kinds of frustrations – with your own short attention span or even your overbearing parents – you should know that many are opting to “outsource” the hosting and catering of their tutorial sessions. And where better to land with all your books and cravings for caffeine and comfort food, other than a coffee shop? If you’re currently in the LA area, tries these ones for size, and WiFi soundness, with your tutor in tow:

  • Bricks & Scones (Mid Wilshire)
  • Caffe Bene (Koreatown)
  • Koffea (Koreatown)
  • Bourbon Street Cafe (Koreatown)
  • Tiago Espresso Bar + Kitchen (Hollywood)
  • Coffee Tomo (West Los Angeles)

With studies praising the impact of the buzzing flurry of activity in cafes on creative cognition, these days more and more student-and-tutor pairings have their picking of locales that are open round the clock, purveyors of quality coffee and hooked up to the Internet to boot. Choose wisely and let the study sessions begin!


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