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Where to Live in Surrey

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Surrey can be a hard location to describe. It has all a close proximity, with plenty of access, to London and the urban metropolis, yet offers enough peace and quiet to distance itself from the rat race. As such, it can offer a suitable location to live for anyone looking to get away, but not removed entirely, from the city.

It’s an area growing in recognition, too, with plenty of property for sale in Surrey to ensure plenty of choice. This also means there is property to welcome any number of potential residents, from growing families to new couples.

The county itself is divided into smaller districts of boroughs. As such, it may be worthwhile to look some the more popular locations individually, to understand the diversity that Surrey can offer


Guildford is one of the smaller districts, but it also the name of Surrey’s county town. It is the only town in this district, resulting in an area that has plenty of countryside and open spaces, while also providing links to London thanks to its location.

The town itself is historic in nature, having plenty of traditional charm while the outskirts have newer, modern developments. In this way, the area offers the best of both worlds, with today’s living standards and an attractive town centre to make the most of.

Epsom and Ewell 

If you’re looking for somewhere that focuses more on the countryside and outdoor scenery, than Epsom and Ewell is the borough of choice. This region has plenty of beautiful landscapes, such as the Epsom Downs and North Downs, which make a great location for walks, or to simply admire the scenery. As you may imagine, this also means houses can have some nice background views, too.

Epsom itself is a market town, again reinforcing the smaller nature of Surrey. Yet this means a greater sense of community and localisation, resulting in a quiet experience with all your infrastructure needs close at hand. That said, it can get a bit lively during the summer with the annual Derby at the nearby racecourse. 

Mole Valley 

Situated close to Epsom and Ewell, bordering the North Downs, Mole Valley offers many similar benefits to the previously mentioned county. However, it’s often less well known and is broken down into various smaller destinations.

It has two market towns, Dorking and Leatherhead, which can offer privacy, peace and quiet while still being close connected to local areas. Those wanting to be even more remote, however, may want to look at a number of the villages in this area, which make full use of the nearby Downs. scenic vistas.

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