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Which Is Which With The Tell-A-Friend Software: HTML or PHP?


Are you searching for tell-a-friend software for your website? If you said yes, then it’s most it either because a buddy or colleague recommended it to you or all of your competitors are using it already. Perhaps the hottest marketing tool on the Internet to date, tell-a-friend software are simple but ingenious gadgets that use word-of-mouth to promote a website or online business virally to individuals through e-mail. This topic will show you the two basic kinds of tell-a-friend software: HTML and PHP.

Although it is called as software, the tell-a-friend software is actually a computer script made up of a few lines of code. These tell-a-friend software or scripts generally come in either HTML or PHP. HTML or Hypertext Markup Language or HTML scripts are the simpler of these two kinds, and compose of just a few lines of code. This type is quite often just copied and pasted onto the website homepage code, but some also come in compressed ZIP or RAR files and have to be extracted first. In addition, HTML-type tell-a-friend software are always free to download and can easily be obtained in most web development and marketing sites.

PHP-type tell-a-friend software, however, is a bit more complicated than its HTML counterpart. In this kind, the code is stored in a PHP file and has to be specially uploaded onto the website via a file uploader. In addition, the website which is to be fixed must be able to accept PHP content as well. The upside of this type of tell-a-friend software is that it has more features like integrated e-mail client support and a more accessible interface. Professional tell-a-friend software, such as Viral Inviter for example, uses this type.

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