Which Samsung Galaxy Phone Is Best for Your Needs?


On the lookout for a Samsung Galaxy Phone, but you’re not sure which one to choose or even where to start the picking process? We can relate, as not only do you have a bevy of choice options to pick from, they also come with so many perks and features that it can be tough to even narrow down your selection.

To help you get started, though, we’ve dissected the latest and most popular from Samsung’s Galaxy line for you and laid out the reasons why you should consider them in our list below.

Give it a gander to see what you should pick when you go out to buy Samsung phone in the Philippines.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

We’re going to start off with Samsung’s flagship phone at the time of this writing, namely the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus. Not only is it one of the most popular Samsung phones right now, it’s also received quite a lot of accolades from many mobile device review websites, easily earning the top spot in their best-of lists when it comes to overall quality and performance.

It’s not hard to see why. First, it sports a 6.2-inch curved screen with absolutely no bezel, which means you get an ample amount of screen real estate without the phone becoming unwieldy. The screen itself is nothing to sneeze at either, able to output great colors and sharp, 1440 x 2960 resolution.

Second, it comes with dual 12MP rear cameras, with one of them being a dual-aperture so that you’ll be able to take better pictures even in low-light settings. No more noisy, blurry photos with soft light!

Finally, the Galaxy S9 Plus is packed with all the bells and whistles that you’d expect from a flagship device, such as clear stereo speakers, a 3,500mAh battery, water resistance, excellent build quality, wireless charging, and biometric security options (fingerprint, iris and face scanning).

So if you’re looking for a phone that’s currently on the bleeding edge and you’re not at all afraid of the premium price it goes for, then the Samsung Galaxy S9 is definitely an option for you.

The Samsung Galaxy S9

But what if you’re looking for a phone that has the kind of quality that the Samsung Galaxy S9 has, but you’re not exactly keen on spending that much money on one single device? For a substantial bumping down of the S9 Plus’s price tag, you can get the Samsung Galaxy S9 instead.

It features all the great things about the flagship phone that you want and love—the great screen, the awesome build quality, the biometric security features—with only a few exceptions that you may not mind at all. These include the battery, which clocks in at a respectable 3000mAh, as well as only one rear-facing 12MP camera as opposed to the dual-camera setup of the S9 Plus.

The screen size is also just a tiny bit smaller, which could be a positive for you if you’ve got a more petite grip than most—but it’s still got the same sharp resolution and vibrant colors that it’s bigger, more expensive twin can output.

Is it just as good as the Galaxy S9 Plus? Not quite, but only by just a hair. Is it cheaper? Definitely. Get the S9 if you’re okay with where it cuts corners, and you’ll be owning one of the best phones to cop in 2018.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8

For the smartphone owner who wants to go big in all respects, there is the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Not only does it have a massive 6.3-inch screen, it also comes with its signature stylus S-Pen that you can use to fully take advantage of all that display real estate. Now you can scribble on photos you’ve taken for that extra personal touch, or jot down notes from your meeting without having to tap it all out on your phone’s keyboard.

Besides this, it’s got a lot of what makes a flagship phone worth its asking prices, such as a glass back, a metal frame, a QHD curved screen and a dual-lens rear camera that’s comparable to the Galaxy S9 Plus. It also has water resistance, wireless charging and a load of storage space.

One thing we have to note is that the Galaxy Note 9 will be launching on August 9, so if you’ve got your heart set on the 8, you may want to wait and see if the 9 is more to your liking.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

Bringing up the rear of this pack is the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus, the company’s previous-generation flagship phone. In some ways, it’s similar to the Galaxy S9 Plus, with its bigger screen, fantastic resolution, and 3,500mAH battery. It also enjoys the excellent build quality usually found in brand flagship units, so you’re pretty much covered when it comes to those aspects of the phone.

However, as the S8 Plus is from a previous generation, its specs will obviously be outstripped by the S9 and the S9 Plus and edged out slightly by the Note 8. It only has one rear-facing lens, too, although it’s still able to output at 12MP. The biometrics security options are of course still there, albeit in the slightly finicky way newly-implemented features often are. Still, with the S8 Plus easily available at post-flagship prices, you can easily overlook all these flaws, and appreciate the device for what it is.


When picking a Samsung Galaxy Phone that’s best for your needs, it’s always good to focus first on the flagship model, and then work your way down the cheaper options till you find something that fits your budget. After all, while you don’t want to break your bank in getting a device, you also wouldn’t want to be stuck with an outdated unit. Also, be on the lookout for great deals—they’re all over the place, and you can find them easily if you look.

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