Who Uses Briefcases?


To what kind of occupation can you connect a leather briefcase? Probably the first in the list is a lawyer then next to it would be the people holding top positions in a corporate world. Another will be the sales people offering stocks and real estate. About two decades ago, it is common and even expected that standard office workers use it. It is not considered out of place. If you work with papers like research, that is normal. When the Y2K passed by it seems that knapsacks are more practical and the look of it was no longer out of place even if you are wearing a skirt. It is also lightweight. Do you have a briefcase?

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  • Anne @GreenEggs&Moms

    The title grabbed my attention. Well I don’t see a lot of folks use briefcases anymore… and I personally wont because it’s not my style.

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  • J. Philippe

    Briefcase are for those who had a lot to carry that really needs to put their documents and other important papers specially mga businessminded people and in a corporate world..

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