Whom to Vote

The Philippine Presidential Election is slated to happen on May 10, 2010. Many people are saying whom they are going to support and vote for this upcoming elections. I have mine too.

Anyway, I was making my 7-dfbx review when some of my friends commented on a photo I posted at Facebook. It was fine by me since people have their own opinion about many things but what really bugged me was a comment telling me that this election is not the time for my candidate. So, I commented back, out of free speech, that they should convince me why I should vote for their candidate. I don’t like people telling me who to vote for and not explaining why I should vote for him or her. If you tell and convince me, I would probably consider but I don’t want to be told to vote for someone and can’t even convince me why.

Oh well, I am holding into my candidate until the elections. If people can convince me, then maybe I will consider but this time, I am decided with my candidate.

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