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Whom to Vote

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The Philippine Presidential Election is slated to happen on May 10, 2010. Many people are saying whom they are going to support and vote for this upcoming elections. I have mine too.

Anyway, I was making my 7-dfbx review when some of my friends commented on a photo I posted at Facebook. It was fine by me since people have their own opinion about many things but what really bugged me was a comment telling me that this election is not the time for my candidate. So, I commented back, out of free speech, that they should convince me why I should vote for their candidate. I don’t like people telling me who to vote for and not explaining why I should vote for him or her. If you tell and convince me, I would probably consider but I don’t want to be told to vote for someone and can’t even convince me why.

Oh well, I am holding into my candidate until the elections. If people can convince me, then maybe I will consider but this time, I am decided with my candidate.

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