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Why Families Should Be Using Water Ionizers

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water ionizersFamilies today are worried about the quality of their water, and with good reason. Over the past several decades, there has been a decline in the cleanliness in much of the world’s drinking water, which has caused a rise in the sales of bottled water and water filtration systems. Even water that has gone through a public filtration system is full of different chemicals which are meant to cleanse it but often leave it with an odd taste and smell. Plus, the chemicals can be potentially harmful to the human body. However, there are ways to obtain excellent quality water for your family.

The Benefits of Staying Hydrated

There is absolutely no argument that clean, adequate water intake is essential to the good health of the human body. Staying hydrated gives you more energy, ensures that bodily functions stay in equilibrium, and flushes out all of those toxins that can cause anything from sluggishness to constipation. Yet, how do you know what actual quality, clean water is?

Choosing Quality Water

Well, there are many different kinds of supposedly purified water, but be careful what you purchase. Many people believe that when they buy bottled water it’s automatically been cleansed when in reality some bottled waters are nothing more than what comes from a tap enclosed in plastic. Some have been so sterilized that many of the useful properties of the water are completely eradicated. However, if you choose to drink ionized water, you won’t regret it.

What is Ionized, or Alkaline, Water?

Alkaline water has been put through a filtration system which causes the ionization process to occur. This process is known as electrolysis. In a nutshell, electrolysis causes a chemical reaction to occur which results in a shift in the pH level of the water. Typical water’s pH level occurs naturally at about a 7. Anything with a level lower than 7 is considered acidic. Water with a pH higher than 7 is known as alkaline, or ionized, water. Check out the ionization process here.

Purported Benefits of Drinking Alkaline Water

There are many claims relating back to the drinking of alkaline water. Some disagree with these claims, but there are many people who fervidly believe in the healing power of ionized water. There are a myriad of ionizing filtration systems, each claiming to be the best water ionizer. In reality, they all work very similarly. One may be purchased at around $4,000. Those who have made the purchase tout the following health effects.

  • Better memory and a better ability to focus in day to day life.
  • Restful sleep and a higher energy level
  • Overall better health, fewer sicknesses, and effortless weight loss
  • Minimized aches and pains, as well as increased recovery time for injuries.
  • Natural skin cleanser.

Many who have tried water ionizers stand by them and substantiate each and every health benefit claimed. They fervently believe that this alkaline water has real restorative powers. Some even say it can cure arthritis and cancer. This may well be the water your family should be drinking.

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