Why September Holds So Many Memories

“Wake Me Up When September Ends” is one of the hit single by Green Day. Somehow I just sang it unconsciously but then right now, I got the feeling this is my song in the next years to come. September holds so many memories that somehow I just want to sleep through it.

It was in September 2006, when my husband arrived in Bacolod City. We have been separated for two years and we decided to give our marriage another try. Hoping that we will have a successful and meaningful one. From then on, we had good and bad memories together but then again I decided to cherish the good ones and just continue fighting on.

Then there was September 2009, our third born, Bella Grace arrived. She brought joy and renewed hope to our marriage. She made us very happy despite the fact that she went under surgery at a young age because of her hernia.

And just this month, September 2012, my husband and I just got separated. He said that he tried loving me since the day we got back together last 2006 but then said he couldn’t find in his heart to love me again. He just couldn’t love me back anymore. He can never accept me as I am.

September brought a lot of tears to my eyes even as I write this post, but I couldn’t do anything. This is how things are as of now. It started as a hopeful month for me but then it ended up in despair and so much hurt. Though I wanted to stay as positive as possible, I possess a human heart. I am capable of being down and sad. So please, wake me up, when September ends…

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  • zoan

    Hold On mommy. Just Hold On. Hold On to what you’ve got, to what you still have. You have your self, your kids, your family and you have us, your friends. You don’t have to face this tide alone. I have never been separated because I was never married so saying I know what you feel right now will not be possible. I just know that this is just a test, a test given by God to test your faith in Him. He will not allow bad things happen to you for no REASON at all. I love you mommy, I love you so much and don’t hesitate to call, text, pM me if you need something 😉 okay? mwuah

  • Issa

    awww, hugs to you sis…. i know how it feels since I was on that situation before… you just have to stay close with your family because they are all you got now… whenever I feel sad, I just think that whatever doesn’t kill me just makes me stronger.. Hold on mommy! there’a a rainbow always after the rain 🙂

  • Istin

    i feel for you sis.. september is my birthday month but everytime i hear that song from Green Day, i always remember what my bf/husband did to me before. well anyway, we are separated now. just stay strong and if you feel down or lonely, give your kids a hug. you will never be alone with them and also with God. you are a wonderful woman inside and out. God bless you.

  • kat

    hi mommy rubs, i wish you’re fine now. Though i havent seen you yet, still i know you’re a good person. Just be strong for your kids. Everything will be fine i knew it. Just trust HIM..

  • A Walk Through Life

    I felt sad to hear/read about what you went through. However, I know these things can only make you stronger. Keep the faith.

  • Kyong

    Can I give you a hug?
    For some reason, this song makes me sad everytime I hear it..maybe because of its music video. Reading this post brought tears to my eyes..maybe because of the pregnancy hormones..and because I understand what you’re going through. Stay strong. God bless!

  • Sarah

    Hello Ruby! I have followed your blog and your community but this is the first time I commented. I have been there and done that. Though my husband and I are are not officially reunited, we chose to forgive each other and had remained very good friends. i know it may take awhile for the hurt to heal but keep believing that one day, this too will pass.

    Here’s wishing that the remaining Septembers in your life will again be colorful like those in the past.

  • Rovie

    I don’t know what to say Mommy Rubz as this post brings tears to my eyes also. As a woman, a wife and a mother, you don’t deserve to be treated that way. I know God has a reason why these things happened and He knows that to can sail through this situation with flying colors.

    You and your kids will always be on my prayers. Praying for strength and good health for you Mommy. May the Lord God bless you always.

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