Why Should you Get a Property with a Garden?


Many home buyers in the Philippines will purchase property based on location, view, proximity to basic facilities and security. Still, there are many others who consider garden spaces a priority, and thus, will not invest in a property unless it has a garden with the features they want. Why is this? Other than the beautiful view provided by gardens, they can also provide significant health benefits for kids, and to the family as a whole.

house with a garden

More Recreational Space

If you are the type of person who loves to have friends or relatives over for parties and other social gatherings, having a green outdoor space will certainly provide you with huge benefits. Your guests can have a peaceful place to gather, enjoy the sun and fresh air, and freely indulge in outdoor activities as they please. The tranquility that comes with such an environment is nothing compared to the constrictive atmosphere that is often experienced indoors.

Better Child Development

If you have children, a garden space will provide you with even greater benefits. Your kids can experience nature, not just from the greenery, but also from prickles and ant bites among other things that will help them become more confident and resilient. In addition, studies have shown that green spaces have a direct effect on children’s mental development. Gardens may boost the kids’ senses and help them think more clearly. Such spaces will provide a great spot for them to kick around balls or jump in the trampoline without getting you worried about their safety.

Increased Home Value

Philippines real estate agents have affirmed the financial benefits of owning a property with a garden—you get more value from the investment. This is especially true if you opt to either share, sell or lease the property. Indeed, studies indicate that the value of a home with a landscaped garden can go up by as much as 28%. Still, this comes down to how well the landscaping has been done. What may be appealing to you may not be as pleasant to others. Because of this, even as you think of adding walkways, ponds, plants, and trees to your newly acquired property, it is important to seek professional help.

Nevertheless, when you are looking for a property that has a garden, remember that it doesn’t have to be intricately landscaped. Even an empty space can work. The only thing you need to do in such an instance is to apply your own skills to change the blank patch into an attractive and relaxing outdoor abode. Still, if you want to make the most out of your garden, it is important to assess the new environment and climate first, and then pick plants that can do well in aforementioned factors. This will ensure better growth, and also keep you from having to put in the excessive time and effort that may come with sustaining a high maintenance garden.

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