Why Very Low Calorie Diet is the Best Option

With all the many diet programs that abound today, it’s quite confusing on the part of the person who wants to lose weight which one to choose. There are so-called diet pills, diet drinks, as well as a plethora of exercise regimens that it’s so hard to tell which should IT. If you were to ask me though, I would have to say nothing beats a natural weight loss program. That means not having to rely on pills or over-the-counter supplements just to lose weight.

I think proper diet coupled with a good workout or exercise program would do the trick. In fact, there is what medical experts call very low calorie diet or VLCD. This is a medically supervised diet plan that leads to rapid weight loss. Normally, this diet is intended for extremely overweight people who borders on being obese although it can also be applied by moderately overweight persons who want to significantly lose weight in a short period of time.

The wonderful thing about VLCD is that it doesn’t involve taking in chemicals normally contained in diet pills which could prove to be harmful to the body in the long run. Instead, what it includes are the following: therapy, nutrition counseling and exercise. Indeed, VLCD is the better choice when it comes to weight loss programs.

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15 thoughts on “Why Very Low Calorie Diet is the Best Option

  1. very informative post mommy especially now that I need to trim down some weight caused by pregnancy.

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    thanks much!

  2. I agree about soup too. It can be really low calorie and really filling. Sometimes I just need something hot too, and it really helps.

  3. I agree, although not with the VERY low calorie part. I think the best weight loss program is moderation in eating (1200-1500 calories), lots of water, and plenty of exercise. In the end, it’s all about burning more than you’re taking in. So might as well do it healthfully, right?

    Gina from vB

  4. I am the laziest person on earth and the only time I have ever exercised is when I absolutely have to.. 😛 It’s been a long time since I had to, it’s a good thing I don’t gain weight easily.. 😛

    But, I agree, a good diet coupled with exercise is the best way to go about it.. 🙂

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